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What to expect when purchasing
Why do you need a pre-approval?
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When should you start the process?

It is never to early to start the process. If you are considering buying a home in the future it is worth meeting with your lender. It doesn't cost anything and the information you gather can save you a significant amount of money when you are ready to take the next step and purchase a home. We will put a clear road map together for where you are now, and what you need to do to reach your home buying goals. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as you feel that buying a home is a goal for you.


Home buying made simple.


Get Pre-Qualified

Before you start looking for a house come in and see how much you are qualified for and set goals for where you need to be when your dream home becomes available. After this is done you will receive a pre-approval letter.


Go House Shopping

Now that you have your pre-approval letter its time to go shop. If you are working with a realtor they can begin showing you homes and submitting offers. If you don't have a realtor I would be happy to put you in touch with one.


Get Your Offer Accepted

YES! Your offer was accepted. But you're not done yet. Now we gather all of the remaining documentation we need to get your loan closed. My team and I will be there for you every step of the way to make sure this process goes smoothly.


It's Moving Day

Congratulations! You have now successfully purchased your home and the keys are in your hands. The home buying process isn't always easy, but taking that first step and getting prequalified has paid off. Enjoy your new home and all of the memories you are going to make there.

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